Metal roof or Shingles? Which is better?

Metal roofs vs. Shingles There are several options when it comes to choosing the appropriate roofing options.

In fact, contemporary housing options have evolved over the years to become crucial for home functionality. Some of the main ones including the various roofing solutions that have been developed for contemporary housing. While there might be several types of roofs, there are some popular choices which often lead to unending debates. For instance, when it comes to metal or shingles, which is better debate. In answering such a controversial question, it’s important to be well informed about both these types of roofs. Both roof types have their significant drawbacks and benefits when it comes to property management. Choosing the appropriate for your needs would, therefore, require that you understand the unique aspects of each type of roof.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are becoming a popular solution when it comes to roofing. In most cases, the metal roofs are often made using different types of materials. Some of the main ones including galvanized steel, aluminum, tin and copper. More so, there are different types of installation methods, and the metal roofs will provide as many various benefits as well. Some of the main advantages of metal roofs include

Expected life- when properly installed, a metal roof should provide exceptional durability, seal out water, withstand winds and shed snow with ease. More so, metal material is also designed to be resistant to mildew, insects, fire, and rot. The quality of metal roofs varies widely and in relation to the skills of your chosen service provider.

Weight- metal roofs are compact, especially when compared to a tile that can average at 800 pounds per square or concrete that might average at 100 pounds per square. This makes them simple to install on most home structures. Additionally, most roof types average in between 50 to 150 pounds per square.

Simple to install- the conventional metal materials are available in several shingle sections or wide panels. These roofs are often simple to install and highly beneficial. More so, since most metal roofs tend to be lightweight, this makes them perfect for saving on engineering and enhancing the supporting structure.

Heat conduction and small roof pitch- Metal roofs tend to reflect radiant heat that is emitted from the sun, which helps to reduce heat accumulation. As a result, you can save on the energy required for air condition during the day. With that being said, the material might be low in R-value, and many systems comprise of a dead air space in between the roof to improve efficiency. Most roof materials are simple to install on without any leakages or damage. Best of all, metal roofs are virtually impervious to snow and rain due to the unique structure of the roofs.


The metal roofs tend to have a somewhat specific lifespan. Simply put, while these roofs may last for as many as 50 years, they are often become weak after surpassing their stipulated lifespans. Factors such as acid rain might also compromise the strength and durability of the roofs.


Shingles are also another common roofing option. There are two main types of asphalt shingles which are the fiberglass and organic roofs. The organic shingles are developed using waste paper that is filled with asphalt to provide waterproof benefits. More so, these roofs are sometimes coated using ceramic coatings which are applied on the top layer. Fiberglass shingles are developed using glass material and special reinforcing material. More so, some roofs are also coated using mineral filters to provide waterproof benefits. There are several advantages of using shingles. Some of the main ones including:

Affordability- the asphalt shingles are often categorized as some of the best-priced roof options. This is why they are a popular option and with excellent lifespans as well. The process of preparing roof shingles is much more affordable than the conventional roofs such as metal. As a result, the shingles often have affordable prices when it comes to installation and investment

Various style options- regardless of your style, you can choose a type of asphalt shingle that suits your preferences. Some of the main ones including premium, laminated and 3-tab versions. This is based on whether you have a contemporary or traditional home style. Besides that, the roofs are often available in various colors including green, gray, browns and blue.

Simple to install- The asphalt shingles are also simple to install by using the conventional procedures. Additionally, the roofs are lightweight and can be installed without the additional structural support and special tools.


The asphalt roofs are also heavy which makes them somewhat difficult to transport. More so, since the roofs are also prone decoloration, especially after several years of use. Asphalt shingles are prone to damage when installed during cold or freezing temperatures. More so, the shingles are also prone to cracking especially due to factors associated with weathering.

Which is better

Overall, when it comes to which is roof is better, this would be depended on various factors. The metal roofs are simple to install and long-lasting solutions for roofing. On the other hand, shingles are also a reasonable option since they tend to be affordable and readily available as well. However, the shingles tend also to be prone to the effects of weathering and damage from exposure to the elements. The metal roofs have a long lifespan, and they seal out the effects of rain and snow.