The Rendi Opportunity

The Rendi Opportunity creates an earnings potential and career path that are both accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding. There are three ways to earn income with Rendi:

Your personal retails sales via your Rendi Personalized Website. With Rendi, you and your customers will be customizing home décor and gift creations for every wall and every occasion, all of which happens right on your website.
Monthly bonuses on those you sponsor and those they sponsor up to three levels deep. As shown below, you can earn up to 7% on the commissionable volume of the persons you sponsor directly, up to 5% on those they sponsor, and up to 3% on those they sponsor.

Leadership bonuses. As your business and your team grows, you have an opportunity to earn up to another 2% – 3% on the commissionable volume of your entire personal group, regardless of how many levels of sponsorship there are in your personal group.

The Rendi compensation plan offers several advantages to help you create a part-time income or a career: You can earn up to 45% on your retail sales in your first 90 days with Rendi!

Once you reach the title of Design Director and begin managing your own team, you have the ability to earn 2% – 3% on the commissionable volume of your own personal group as defined by the Rendi compensation plan infinitely deep into your sponsorship levels!
When you jump out of the gate quickly, you can earn a one-time bonus of $100 for making the title of Senior Stylist for the first time within your first three full periods and a one-time bonus of $500 for making the title of Design Director for the first time within your first six full periods!
Our plan has no penalty for having someone below you promote to a higher title! We know and understand that distributors work at different paces and have different skills.

Rank advancement is based on active legs, not simply on active frontline recruits. Honestly, this is huge. It means that you don’t have to sponsor dozens of people to find those 2-3 persons who are going to knock it out of the ballpark. So you can sponsor someone who sponsors someone who sponsors someone who’s a rock star, and because of that person’s business the entire leg qualifies – and now so do you!
You have the potential to earn 2% – 3% infinitely deep on your entire group down to the next Design Director when you attain the rank of Design Director yourself. This is just about unheard of this early in any compensation plan.